Accounting for Disclosure and Use


Policy Statement: An Individual has the right to request an accounting of disclosures as defined by the HIPAA Rules.

Participant Requirements

Each Participant shall comply with the HIPAA Rules and is responsible to meet its obligations to provide Individuals with an accounting of disclosures and uses of individual health information through an electronic health record.

NDHIN Requirements

North Dakota Health Information Network (NDHIN) shall maintain an audit log documenting which Participants and Authorized Users accessed or disclosed health information about an Individual through the NDHIN and when that information was accessed.

Upon Participant’s written request for an accounting, or an Individual's written request for an accounting of disclosure of their own health information, NDHIN shall provide an accounting of disclosures of health information to the Participant, or directly to the Individual if requested by the Individual, within ten (10) days of the request.

NDHIN will not charge a fee for the first request for an accounting within a calendar year but may charge a reasonable and cost-based fee for providing an additional accounting within the same calendar year. If a fee will be required, NDHIN shall inform the Participant, or the Individual, if the accounting is sent directly to the Individual, at the time of the request.