NDHIN Interoperability Assistance Program (IAP) Grant Funding

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The NDHIN Interoperability Assistance Program (NDHIN IAP) is modeled on similar initiatives in other states who have their own Health Information Network. The program is designed to motivate providers to participate in the NDHIN as both data contributors and data consumers through financial incentives by meeting specific, defined milestones. This grant funding does not have to be repaid. 

NDHIN IAP Milestones:   

Milestone 1: Outbound Feed. To meet this milestone the provider must send an outbound feed in real-time to the NDHIN that meet specifications defined by the NDHIN. Feeds may be: Admit, Transfer, Discharge (ADT), Lab results (LAB), Radiology Reports (RAD), PACs Image (IMG), Clinical Documents (MDM), Continuity of Care Documents (CCD), Immunizations (IMM). Preference will be given to facilities who are working to initiate an ADT Feed.  

Milestone 2: Single Sign on. To meet this milestone the provide must work in conjunction with their EHR vendor and the NDHIN to enable Single Sign on from the Electronic Medical Record into the North Dakota Health Information Network.  

The total maximum payment per Milestone met will be $7,000. Participants must share final payment information with the NDHIN and the NDHIN will provide reimbursement to the facilities not to exceed $7,000. Each feed may be its own milestone which could result in a payment of $49,000 if all above-noted feeds are put into place. 

The following feeds could be considered its own milestone:

  • Admit, Discharge and Transfer (ADT)

  • Lab Results 

  • Radiology Reports (RAD)

  • PACs Images (IMG)

  • Clinical Documents (MDM)

  • Continuity of Care Documents (CCD)

  • Immunizations (IMM) - do not have to have an ADT data feed to report immunizations

  • Single Sign On (SSO)


For participant engagement/re-engagement purposes, Outreach Coordinators will be utilized to help disseminate information and engage candidates. The Outreach Manager will be utilized to manage the budget process and will be the primary liaison between facilities and the NDHIN. The Director of the NDHIN will aid with communicating internally to the HITAC and overseeing the process.  

Valid Use of IAP Funds:

Participants may use onboarding grant funds for project management, technical development or configuration and testing, workflow integration, training, and go-live support for users.  

Participants will be required to attest that all expenses being claimed are valid under the terms of the grant and may be required to provide proof to justify these expenses at any time.  

Facilities may expend grant funds directly or use them for expenses incurred by the member organization, so long as the expenses are appropriately documented.  

Under no circumstances may a participant be compensated for the same work under multiple grant awards.  

Under no circumstances may a participant organization be compensated under this program for work already paid for using any other source of federal funding. 

 Other uses of the funds could be as follows:

  • Project Management

  • Technical Development or configuration and testing

  • Workflow Integration

  • Training

  • Go-live support for users


Complete the IAP Application Form and return to ndhin@nd.gov upon completion.  

If you need assistance with filling out the form please view the NDHIN IAP Application Instructions or reach out to an Outreach Coordinator listed here.

NOTE – this funding is only available until September of 2021

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