At the North Dakota Health Information Network (NDHIN), we are dedicated to improving healthcare by creating a secure, medical record sharing network for providers and patients. We aim to empower patients by ensuring their medical data remains safe and private.

The NDHIN is a public/private partnership that resides within North Dakota’s Information Technology (NDIT) department. Over the past decade, North Dakota has taken the concept of a statewide HIE from the drawing board to a functioning exchange. With initial funding from state appropriations and a federal ONC grant, NDHIN began operations in 2010 and currently has more than 275 signed participation agreements, representing 400+ locations/points of care across the state. A network model, statewide HIE, NDHIN provides value through a secure online network for electronic health information exchange, a robust patient data set, and an increasing number of connections among North Dakota hospitals, providers, and other related entities.  

The NDHIN creates a safe connection for life’s critical moments.


Contact Us:
North Dakota Health Information Network
4201 Normandy St,
Bismarck, ND, 58503
Phone: (855) 760-0534