Each NDHIN Participant (hospital, clinic, nursing home, etc.) chooses how they want their users to log in to the NDHIN Clinical Portal:

  • Web access or SSO (single sign on) access. 
  • Most NDHIN users have one type of log in, Web or SSO.

Web Account Users

SSO Account Users

  • Users do not have a user ID or password and must be logged into their facility EMR (electronic medical record) where they will see an NDHIN link or button.  
  • Training opportunities: Q & A webinars, NDHIN Clinical Portal - Quick Reference Guide, and Clinical Portal Training Videos. 
  • The following sections of the information on this page will not apply to you:
    • Web Account Users
    • Test Patient
    • Break the Seal

Please remember: As an authorized user of the North Dakota Health Information Network (NDHIN) Clinical Portal you have agreed to access only the patients and patient data that is necessary to do your job.  Additionally, NDHIN policy states: NDHIN shall limit the right of an Individual to access their own PHI or that of a family member.  Additional information on NDHIN policies can be found at



Clinical Portal Training Videos

  • The Training is available on the NDHIN website 24/7 to be viewed at your convenience.
  • The training is recorded in six short videos to facilitate ease of viewing.
  • There is no cost for this training and it can be viewed repetitively, if needed.
  • Continuing Education credits are not available for this training.

Test Patient:

  • A test patient is available so that you can log in and check out the Clinical Portal.
  • When searching for the test patient, complete the fields in only one of the two boxes below.

Clinical Portal Patient Search Screen


Break the Seal:

Web access requires that you break the seal the first time you open a patient record, each day.  You will also be asked to indicate why you are accessing the information.


Questions or Problems?         NDHIN Help Desk (844)335-6253 ext. 1