An electronic Authorized User Agreement (eAUA) must be completed by every user who wishes to access NDHIN Clinical Portal; the application that houses patient health information. 

Where do I get an eAUA? 

Your facility will have a person designated as the granting authority for NDHIN access; your supervisor will likely know who the granting authority is.  If you have trouble finding the granting authority, NDHIN can help; please email us at  Your facility granting authority will provide you with a link to the eAUA form.  

I have the link to the eAUA, now what? 

Complete and sign the AUA.  The granting authority will also sign the document and is responsible for the document’s submission to NDHIN. More details, instructions and a video demonstrating this process can be found here

Once signed by the user and granting authority, NDHIN will process your AUA and you will receive an email with your login instructions. New user information is available at NDHIN Clinical Portal: New User