NDHIN has linked Clinical Portal and Communicate user accounts so that users logged into Clinical Portal can open Communicate with one click. 

To use this functionality, these conditions must be met: 

  1. The user must have an active Clinical Portal account.

  2. The user must have an active Communicate account.  

  3. The user must be able to see the grey, left-hand menu bar in Clinical Portal, which is shown on the screen shot, below.

  4. NDHIN staff must have linked your Communicate and Clinical Portal Accounts.

So, if you see the Communicate button in the grey, left-hand menu bar, simply click on COMMUNICATE and then click My Mailbox. The system will open your Communicate account directly into your Clinical Portal login session. 

If you have both user accounts AND you see the grey left-hand menu bar, but you do not see the Communicate menu item OR when you click My Mailbox and Communicate does not open, please let our help desk know.

NDHIN helpdesk at