1. What is Communicate?

Communicate uses a set of standards, policies and services that enable simple, secure transport of health information between healthcare participants (e.g. providers, labs). This can include communications such as summary care records, referrals, discharge summaries and other clinical documents in support of continuity of care and medication reconciliation, as well as communication of laboratory results to ordering providers.

2. Are there different ways to have an account set up?

Yes. An account can be set up and used by an individual user or an account can be set up as a shared account multiple users, all of which have access to the email account.

3. Will I get a notification in my regular email when I receive a message in Communicate?

Yes! You will receive a notification that you received a message to the email account that you registered with.

4. How do I know that John Doe is the John Doe that I want to send a message to?

Best Practice is to ask the recipient for their Communicate email address. However, if that is not available, within the NDHIN Provider Directory, you can click on 'Show Provider Search'. The details will identify the organization and location of the highlighted person.

5. What are the password requirements?

A minimum of 8 characters that includes 1 uppercase letter and 1 number.

6. Does Communicate support Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or browsers other than Internet Explorer?


7. How long do I have before my account will timeout?

Communicate will timeout after 30 minutes of inactivity, although, it may be sooner dependent on your own organization’s security policy.

8. Can you send a Communicate message to a Yahoo, Gmail, or another email account?

No, all messages must be sent from a Communicate address to a Communicate email address. This ensures that all messages are encrypted and secure.

9. Who should I consider exchanging with in Communicate?

 A good place to start when deciding who to exchange with is by looking at your fax list. These are all potential exchange partners. If you identify a partner that is not participating, encourage them to sign up or let us know and we can contact them.

10. Is there a size limit on attachments?

Yes. The current size limit is 10MB.