NDHIN has two user platforms:  Clinical Portal and Communicate

Knowing which set of user credentials (user ID and password) to use may be confusing.  Additionally, knowing that you don't have credentials to access NDHIN but can still access patient information may seem just wrong.

NDHIN Clinical Portal is viewed to access patient information and users are able to access the portal one of two ways:

  1. Enter User ID and Password into the login screen.
  2. Click on the NDHIN link inside of your EMR.  You do not enter credentials because you are set up to link out to NDHIN directly.


Communicate is NDHIN's service for Direct Secure Messaging (DSM).  DSM is a HIPAA compliant, certified, PHI messaging email service.

Communicate has two portals:  Your login credentials are the same for both portals.

  1. Management Portal
    1. Self-Register for an account
    2. Change your password
    3. Set up account recovery questions and answers
  2.  Web Portal
    1. Log in to your direct email account to send or receive DSM emails.