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eAUA (Electronic AUA) Process

  1. Granting Authority emails the eAUA link and instruction email to person(s) requiring NDHIN access
  2. User clicks on the URL provided by their facility.
  3. User clicks ‘Continue’ at bottom of page.

  1. User completes and signs the form.  Note that required fields have orange asterisks. Click ‘Click to Sign” at the bottom of the form.

  1. User provides their own email which triggers an authentication email to the user.

  1. User is presented with this message.

  1. User opens their email, finds the authentication email, and confirms their email address by clicking on the blue sentence ‘Confirm my email address’.

  1. Granting Authority receives an email notification that an eAUA has been signed.

  1. Granting Authority adds the User ID only if the organization is using Single Sign On, and then reviews and signs the document.  The Granting Authority clicks ‘click to sign’ at the bottom of the form.

  1. Message opens stating the process is complete.  A copy of the completed form can be downloaded at this time, and all parties will receive a copy of the completed form.

  1. Email received by User, Granting Authority, and NDHIN.