NDHIN Provides Access to Mayo Clinic Records Through the EHealth Exchange

<< All News Tuesday, June 14, 2022

NDHIN has been connected to the eHealth Exchange for several years now. The eHealth Exchange is a continually growing health information exchange (HIE) network for securely sharing clinical information nationwide and is the largest HIE infrastructure in the United States. Recently, NDHIN finished testing with the Mayo Clinic through the eHealth Exchange hub. This means that Mayo Clinic records are queryable through the NDHIN’s external records search option. This has been a long sought-after capability by NDHIN participants, and we are proud to announce that functionality. 


What does this mean for NDHIN? Health care providers participating with the NDHIN will be able to securely access a patient’s medical history from Mayo Clinic facilities through the eHealth Exchange by using the external records search option from the NDHIN clinical portal. For detailed instructions on how to access external records from NDHIN, click here.

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