Join the trusted community of Participants using NDHIN.

If you are interested in being part of the NDHIN. Please reach out to one of our Outreach Coordinators listed below: 

Outreach Manager—Sarah Miller sarmiller@nd.gov

Outreach Coordinators:

  1. Tracey Regimbal - Tracey.regimbal@healthtechsolutions.com

  2. Patti Kritzberger - Patti.kritzberger@healthtechsolutions.com

  3. Lisa Thorp - Lisa.thorp@healthtechsolutions.com

  4. Natasha Green - Natasha.green@healthtechsolutions.com

  5. Rachel Goble - Rachel.Goble@healthtechsolutions.com

If you have questions feel free to contact us at ndhin@nd.gov or 701-328-1983.

Learn more by attending a Clinical Portal User Training or by watching one of our Video Presentations found Here.