Health Information Technology Advisory Committee

The state of North Dakota has established a Health Information Technology Advisory Committee (HITAC). The mission of HITAC is to advance the adoption and use of technology to exchange health information and improve healthcare quality, patient safety and overall efficiency of healthcare and public health services of North Dakota.

Members of the HITAC represent a broad cross-section of healthcare stakeholders in North Dakota. And the foundational beliefs and principles shared among those stakeholders represent an obligation to behave or act in a certain way.


Principles of the HITAC

  1. Operate with Transparency and Openness
  2. Build Stakeholder Trust
  3. Maintain Neutrality
  4. Uphold Ongoing Stakeholder Investment
  5. Offer Personal Choice to Patients
  6. Foster a Culture of Innovation
  7. Engage Stakeholders to Promote Acceptance and Adoption of the HIN
  8. Promote Statewide HIN Solutions
  9. Leverage Existing HIT Initiatives and Resources
  10. Be Inclusive of a Culturally Diverse Population
  11. Focus on the Primary Purpose: The Patient
  12. Build a Learning Health System